Are you looking for your Poor Old "Fix" right now?  Do you want to hear a random sampling of tunes?  Do you want to be surprised?  Do you want to hear the crazy stuff that you can't get anywhere else?  You've come to the right place, my friend, because you've stumbled upon the Poor Old Radio page!!!

What is the Poor Old Radio?  It's a streaming feed of Poor Old Lu songs (and other crazy bits) that you can listen to over the Internet!  We've made (2) separate feeds:  one for lo-fi connections (56k modems and lower), and the other for hi-fi connections (T1, DSL, Cable).  Certainly one of these is perfect for you!

What do I need?  Not much.  If you have RealPlayer8, WinAmp, or almost *any* major media player installed on your computer, you're probably set to go!  If not, try this page for help.

Is it free?  Unfortunately, no.  For quite some time was providing "free" streaming radio to anyone and everyone, but now it has moved to a pay-for-premium-service setup.  We are investigating better alternatives.

 (T1, DSL, Cable)

  (56k, 33.6k, etc.) 

If the server is down OR for other questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]dotcom.

For technical issues with your media player, please e-mail or try this page.