DISCS:in their final performance


1. For The Love Of My Country 
2. Hope For Always
3. Receive
4. Complain
5. Bliss Is
6. Do I?
7. Ring True
8. All Pretty For The T.V.
9. Digging Deep
10. Drenched Decent
11. Enough + Never Said (Medley)
12. Chance For The Chancers
13. Center Of Your Ways
14. Sickly
15. My World Falls Down

Released:  1998
Recorded:  November 23rd, 1996
Label:        KMG Records
Tracked:    Recorded Live at Old Lincoln High School,
                 Wallingford USA
Overdubs:  n/a
Mixed:       GBU, Seattle WA (by Aaron Sprinkle)

Recorded By: Kevin Suter, Jonathan Myers 
                     & Aaron Sprinkle
Produced By: n/a

Additional Notes:  Sound by Carlson Audio
                           Guest vocals by Jeremy Enigk & MG