As I was digging around in some of my old files -- "cleaning up", you might say -- when I stumbled upon an .MP3 file that I've had sitting around for quite some time.  While this isn't actually the Lu boys performing here, it is a cover of a PoL song from the "Straight Six" EP.  The song is 'Digging Deep'.

      Grab it here.

From what I can tell, this song is from (or was intended for) a 2002 collection called "Enigkmatic - A Jeremy Enigk Tribute".  The gal singing is Suzanna Dally, I believe, though I don't really have any idea who she is.  All that said, I enjoy the song quite a bit, actually, and thought that I should pass it along. 

I apologize if I'm breaking any copyright laws, but I don't think I am.  In either case, if you can shed any light on this mystery track, please drop us a line.

Talk to you soon!



I wasn't happy with the quality of the Sit & Stare videos we posted on YouTube earlier this year, so I uploaded some higher quality versions on Vimeo. Not only that, but Vimeo is more-or-less "junk free", unlike YouTube.

You can find the entire set of videos here

Enjoy (again)


Quick note here...

For those who *might* be interested, the 5-song album from Scott's previous side project, This Diminishing West, is now available for free download.

This Diminishing West "Ninety-Seven Weeks" full album download

Hope you dig it.


We're happy to announce that the full content of our 1995 video collection - Sit & Stare - has been made available online here. Enjoy! :)

Some highlights...

All Pretty For The TV (Official Video)

Sickly (Official Video)

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